Causes and Overcoming Muffler Leaks

Causes and Overcoming Muffler Leaks

Exhaust is one important component that is owned by every vehicle, both vehicles with the type of SUV or city car type. This component is also the most frequently modified by vehicle owners, with the aim of enhancing the appearance and sound produced by the car. However, the problems contained in the muffler can actually have the opposite effect, instead of our car being cool, but the impact of a car exhaust leak will cause the car to make a noisy and uncomfortable noise when driving.

What Causes Loud Exhaust Noises?

The most common problem occurs in the muffler, the problem of leakage. There are several things that can cause this problem to attack our car’s exhaust. The following are some of them and how to overcome them:

1.      Vehicle age

Remember that each component must have a lifetime. If the car we have used is too old, usually some components will require replacement, including the muffler. For this reason, if we feel the engine’s performance begins to decrease or strange sound from the exhaust area, it is better to immediately check the condition of the muffler to the garage. This is to prevent damage during the trip, which will make us inconvenience later.

2.      Incorrect modification

Modify the muffler to make it look cooler anyway, but don’t make it while doing this modification. Because, the wrong way can make the muffler not function perfectly, make noise, and even cause leakage. For this reason, when you want to make modifications to this component, make sure that the people who do it are professional, and will be responsible if one day problems arise.

3.      Ambient conditions

Often affected by floods or cars in an area with a high enough salt content in the air, it can be a cause of easy exhaust experienced rust. If it’s like this, we can overcome it by re-welding as long as the conditions are not too severe. In addition, do not ever delay washing the entire side of the car if the car has just been flooded, especially if flooding occurs in the area near the sea that allows the flood water to contain high levels of salt.

4.      Washing error

Many people who don’t like seeing their car look dirty, so they routinely wash their own cars at home. However, washing yourself at home would be different from washing in a car wash that has hydraulics. When washing at home, usually only focused on cleaning the car body and tires. Meanwhile, with this hydraulic, all sides of the car will be able to be cleaned easily, both the top, the sides, to the bottom. Plus, the water pump used is high-strength, so the washing process will be cleaner than washing yourself at home.

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